Robert Dudley

From a report by dendrochronologist Ian Tyers, “The Tree-Ring Analysis of Twenty-Three Panel Paintings from the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven,” November 2011

This panel is ca. 822 mm high, ca. 646 mm wide, and constructed from three vertical boards ca. 9 mm thick, labeled for the purposes of this report from A–C from the left. The panel had previously been prepared for tree-ring measurement along the lower edges of boards B & C. Sequences of rings were obtained from the lower edges of boards B and C.… Both measured sequences were found to match against eastern Baltic reference data.

The last ring in the panel was from board B and dated to 1577.… The boards are all less than 250 mm wide, this suggests that there is a chance that these boards had been trimmed significantly. The panel has no date inscription, but is currently thought to date from ca. 1587, the tree-ring result would allow this but allows considerable leeway in the event of reinterpreting the date of this panel. The board C series matches a series from the board at Trinity College, Cambridge. These boards appear to have been derived from a single tree. The Trinity panel had no date inscription.